Sharon and I rode the MS150 this year - somewhat of a misnomer since its actually a 182 mile course.  EY sponsored the team and we had about 20 riders in all.  We had a great time and raised a lot of money for MS (over $10,000).  The ride is a challenge, but the comaraderie and feeling of accomplishment at the finish are great.  We are looking forward to next year...and recruiting riders for the team already!

The pictures below are all thumbnails - just click on any picture for a larger version (you may need to set your browser to autosize to the window - for IE, go to Tools/Internet Options/Advanced and check "Enable Automatic Image Resizing" under the Multimedia options).

TULLYS~1.JPG (38022 bytes)

The Tully start group - Panozzos, Giffords, David, Miguel

small katy start.JPG (37641 bytes) The Katy start group
LASTWE~1.JPG (31506 bytes)

The Start line in Houston - only 182 miles to go!

LOTSOF~1.JPG (19309 bytes)

Lots of open road

LAGRAN~1.JPG (22080 bytes)

We made it halfway!  Our team had no flats or wrecks on Day 1 - excellent first day for all

small group tent.JPG (49254 bytes) Beer and Oreos!
small BANNER.JPG (28136 bytes) Thanks Uncle Ernie (and you too Kay)!
small day2 rummaging.JPG (19424 bytes) Damn it's early and dark...somebody remember to bring propane for the lantern next year...
small day 2 group.JPG (36591 bytes) Almost the whole team on Day 2 - ready to ride the Bastrop Park!
THESEC~1.JPG (36201 bytes)

This was the "secret way out" to avoid the crowd exiting the fairgrounds in La Grange - oh well, that's part of the fun of it.

YOUONL~1.JPG (60070 bytes)

Rest stop #8 - and all those people are in line for the Porta-can!

THEFIN~1.JPG (29647 bytes) The Finish line in Austin (Samsung).  Where's Kirk with the beer truck??


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