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Installing the motor on N330CG

Upon arrival in Grinnell, IA on Saturday.  The tarp was used to cover the motor from the rain during the drive down - we had to drive through a deluge for a couple hours.


We only used the hammer for a little tap on some bolts, and we never used it in anger!


we ground ran, fixed a couple things, ground ran again, then cowled it up.


Unfortunately, we didn't get it buttoned up in time to test fly before a line of thunderstorms rolled in.  The weather took about 2 hours to get through - which meant I got the test flight in, but too late to fly to Minneapolis


Huge thanks to TK - aerospace (and high-end automotive) engineer extraordinaire.  I'm pretty good at this stuff, but he is even better.  Between the two of us we weren't lacking in tools or experience!


On the flight home I stopped in Owatonna for fuel (Grinnell doesn't have fuel on the weekends).  Owatonna has a really neat static T-38 display in classic 'bomburst'.  Look at the morning sun shadows to the left of the structure - cool!  and even neater looking down the wing of my plane flying again!!


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