Suggested supplies for the not-so experienced few:


Helmet (mandatory)

Photo ID

Cycling attire (jerseys, shorts, shoes, gloves, rain gear if desired)

camera/film (yeah right, who uses film anymore?)

tube and inflator, although if you look helpless enough there will be plenty of people who will help (ok, some of you that are cuter than me might get help more quickly)

rider number (bike, bracelet)

moola (although not much needed, or opportunity to spend during ride)

water bottle (probably get one in your packet)

sunscreen (HIGHLY recommended)/lipbalm

cycling/sun glasses

MS150 inspection sticker (again, HIGHLY recommended)

sleeping bag, pup tent, inflatable mattress, cot, pillow, etc


LaGrange overnight bag:

soap, towel, toiletries for shower

shower shoes/sandals

prescription medication if needed


flashlight (we will have a few extras)


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