Team training rides log:


Thursday 4/7/05 - Craig, Tracey, Barbara rode 2244 to 71 (almost) and back.

Tuesday 4/5/05 - Tracey, Graff, John and a couple others rode 2244.

Saturday 4/2/05 - Craig, Courtney, Kara, Chad, Jeff, John Zeiner, John Hamrick, Barbara, Marianne and Catherine rode the Rosedale.  Gotta remember to bring the ibuprofen from now on!

Saturday 3/19/05 -  16 of us rode the Guaranty Bank Tour de Houston.  Great day, lots of riders.  Ride was too short.  Sharon crashed and broke her arm.

Sunday 2/27/05 - weather worked out for Sunday pm again.  Beautiful day - actually almost too sunny.  Big group - Mike, John W, Tracey, Barbara, Martha, Kelly, Jeff, Craig, Sharon, Marianne rode an extended and modified Dam Loop.  SW Parkway out to 71, then to 2222, cut through River Place and City Park Road (52 mph downhill!)  Big climb in River Place.  Margaritas afterward in Maudies!

Tuesday 2/22/05 - Craig and John W. rode Red Bud in the mist.  Wet but fun.

Sunday 2/20/05 - big group rode Tracey's One Tank Tour - 50 mi.  Great weather.  enjoyable ride

Tuesday 2/15/05 - Barbara, Craig, Tracey, John, Joe and Don rode Red Bud.

Sunday 2/13/05 - South route from Akins.  Tom, Martha, Barbara, Catherine, Kelly, Sharon, Craig, Joe rode South on East side of I-35 to Kyle and back. 35 miles.  Good first hill run - lots of rollers on the East side.  Kelly's longest ride to-date - great job Kelly!

Sunday 2/6/05 - South route from Akins.  Craig, Sharon, John, Tracey, Barbara, Ty, Mike and Stephanie.  No rain, but a little muddy on the shoulders (and in the face!)  Kyle and beyond and back, 34 miles.  Good first mileage stepup.

Sat 1/22/05 - First official 2005 Team Guaranty ride!  Craig, Sharon, Martha, Trice, Ellen and John did figure-eights around Circle C and the veloway.  Man the wind was blowing hard from the North.  Trice and Craig just couldn't resist running down the tricyclists that passed us near the end.


Sat 4/3/04 - the ride the weatherman killed (for most).  Weather turned out perfect, couldn't have been any better.  Couple creek crossings, but all rideable.  Tracey led Barbara, Lee, Martha and Craig.  75 miles Northwest of Cedar Park.  Very enjoyable ride.

Thur 4/1/04 - Craig, Barbara, Sharon McMillan and Tracey rode the 360 Bridge and back.  April fools must mean no guys but me ride?

Tue 3/30/04 - Ty, Joe, Trice, Tracey, Barbara, Craig and, what's this, Don joined us!  360 Bridge for some, Red Bud for others.  Perfect day to ride.

Sat 3/27/04 - Marianne, Ed, Lee, Craig, Sharon and Jeff rode the Rosedale.  Way too windy!

Sun 3/21/04 - planned on riding Fitzhugh, but TS had another plan.

Sat 3/6/04 - Marianne and Lee rode the Bastrop ride.  Others did their own thing.  Craig was home sleeping off a hangover.

Sat 2/28/04 - Ed, Craig, Mark (Ed's friend) and Marianne rode Buda/5 Mile Dam.  Headwind out and does that happen!

Sun 2/23/04 - Trice, Martha, Barbara, Kelli and Tom rode Dripping Springs.  50+ mi.

Sat 2/22/04 - Ed, Craig, Barbara, Martha, Aubrey, Johann and Lee rode Buda/5 Mile Dam.  40 miles, team pace.  Beautiful weather.

Tue 2/17/04 - Ty, Lloyd, Aubrey, Johann, Jason and Tracey did Westlake, 360 Bridge route - out and back. Tracey and Ty met up with Anthony and Trice on their way back from doing the hills - Cuernavaca and Lost Creek. It was a beautiful day to ride.

Sun 2/15/04 - what a glorious day for a ride.  Perfect temp and sunny.  We launched from Kelli's house and headed to Buda, Kyle (and for a couple, points beyond...Tom, you back yet?)  40 mi for most of us. Two of us had flats today - firsts for Team Guaranty.

Tue 2/10/04 - no ride; only the ducks braved the rain today

Sun 2/8/04 - Rob, Marianne, Craig, Sharon and Jeff rode the 360 Mesa route.  Light sprinkles.  Sharon takes a fall...again.

Tue 2/3/04 - Ty and Jason rode Barton Creek

Sun 2/1/04 - Ty, Marianne, Rob, Jeff, Craig, Sharon, and "the Rocket" (aka Tom and Kelly on the tandem) rode the 360 Mesa route.

Thu 1/29/04 - Chris, Aubrey, Johann, and Barbara did the 360 to Westlake route.

Tue 1/27/04 - no ride; raining

Sun 1/25/04 - Marianne, Jason, Lee and ?? rode the 360/Mesa route.  Lee had bike problems.  Perfect day for cycling!

Thu 1/22/04 - Ty and Jason did Red Bud.  Anthony went on to Westlake.  Kolbacher is officially the wuss of the group - he won't ride unless its 60 degrees.

Tue 1/20/04 - Trice, Tracy, Joe, Jason, Mike and Craig rode the Red Bud route.  Anthony rode the spin bike in the gym - what's up with that Anthony??  First ride out for Mikey - who's gonna be the next "new guy"

Sun 1/18/04 - it was windy, it was cold...and it was lonely for Marianne and "the husband"...because no one else showed up!  Sorry Marianne...we're wimps!

Thur 1/15/04 - cancelled due to inclement weather.

Tue 1/13/04 - SW Pkwy/Barton Creek route.  Ty was there (with his spiffy carbon bike)...Tracy was there...Joe was were Ed, Aubrey, Johann, Chris, Anthony, Craig and Sharon.  Question is, where were you?

Thur 1/8/04 - Ty and Jason did the SW Pkwy/Barton Creek route.  The big climb proved to much for Jason's rear derailleur.

Wed 1/7/04 - Ty, Trice and Barbara

Tue 1/6/04 - first "published" ride. Red Bud route.  Ty, Craig, Aubrey, Chris and rode.  We are now officially known as "Team Icicles on Bicycles".  Man it was cold.  All did well except Craig who had calf cramps at the end.  Ty's still riding the old bike - when's he gonna bring out the carbon?

Fri 1/2/04 - first ride of the new year.  Great weather. Ty, Joe and Craig rode the Red Bud route (12 mi, moderate hills) in the afternoon.


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