Telluride '06



This was just a "little" weekend trip that turned out to be WAY too much fun.  Flyfishing, excellent steaks, Black-and-Tan experimentation (it takes Guinness charged with nitrogen), hiking and Jeeping (Imogene and Black Bear Road - so much fun it ought to be illegal!)


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Lyrics from the song that made Black Bear Road famous by CW McCall:


Some other Black Bear Road websites: - great pics.  The first one is the hard climb up (about 100 yds or so) near the beginning of the trail - much steeper than it looks.  Further down on his page is great shot of "The Steps", except that you can't see the CLIFF on the driver's side. .  This one has some great pics - I was too busy driving to take such neat pics...but my rental Jeep went over the same obstacles. - more good pics  - two went over the edge in 2005.


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