Our Vacations



Rocket Flyin '07: 


Cincinnati '06 (trip to Wright Patterson and to see aerobatic airplane): 

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Telluride '06: 

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OSH '06: 

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Jackson Hole '06: 

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Plainview '06 (well, not really a vacation, but a fly-in): 

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Hawaii '06: 

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Hawaii helicopter.JPG (91318 bytes)  Video of our helicopter tour                                


Sedona and Zion '05: 

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Colorado Springs '05: 

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French Polynesia '04: 

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Alaska '03: 

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Sunriver '02: 

sunriver splash.JPG (41979 bytes)

Don't just sit there, somebody fish me out!


Bahamas '02: 

low res sharks.JPG (25879 bytes)

Sharks !


Scotland '02: 

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Cozumel '01: 

SHARK1~2.JPG (65674 bytes)

Shark !!!

CASTRO~1.JPG (61375 bytes)

Castro y amigos


LOBSTER 1.JPG (104323 bytes)


SPOTTE~1.JPG (87005 bytes)

Spotted eel

JAWS.JPG (102760 bytes)

Don't stick your finger in that mouth

DAMSEL~2.JPG (93396 bytes)

Yellowtail Damselfish


SEAHORSE 1.JPG (31551 bytes)

Lined Seahorse


New Orleans 9/99: we flew to New Orleans with our friends Jeff and Lori for food, jazz and fun (read drinking).  Flight over was dodge'em thunderstorms, but we arrived with plenty of time for Mr. B's before the jazz show at Snug Harbor. Four drunk yuppies at Cafe du Monde at 3:00 am - must have been a funny site. Lots of fun, lots of booze, BIG headache the next morning. (Yes, I realize there is only one picture of us in New Orleans and 4 of the airplane.  Let's put it this way - after the second Hurricane, we forgot we even had a camera!)

No1.JPG (25764 bytes)

There is NO WAY this much meat is going to fit in the front of my airplane!

No2.JPG (27171 bytes)

Let's go already !


No3.JPG (23566 bytes)

Bibs for the shrimp and the first of WAY to many drinks

No4.JPG (12312 bytes)

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking...

 No5.JPG (25658 bytes)

You get a complimentary picture when you fly Gifford Airlines


Oregon '99:  we stayed in Sunriver (S21 - airport) over the Labor Day weekend, arriving Friday and leaving the next Monday.  Most of the trip was just relaxing with friends, but we did take a guided white water rafting trip which included level 4 & 5 rapids -  fantastic!  Sharon did shopping while I hung out with airplane guys at the airport and even did some low level flying over the mountains in the area.  Trip home on Monday took about 10 hours (9 flying).  Two oceans in two months!

raft1.JPG (23853 bytes)

Before we got wet

raft2.JPG (16428 bytes)

Where did that wave come from?

raft3.JPG (20150 bytes)

Keep paddling!


Sunriv_2.JPG (13000 bytes)

The great folks we stayed with (Doug and Susan Tyce, Barb and Tom Russ)

 Sunriv_1.JPG (10747 bytes)

Lots of Vikings on the ramp

Or-horse.JPG (23573 bytes)

Sharon and a horse


Cape Cod '99: we flew up in July, stopping twice for fuel and bio and spending the night with my mom in Maryland (landed at MTN - Martin State airport).  Flight over to the Cape the next day was beautiful.  Spent several days with me on the golf course and Sharon at the beach/ponds with family.  Flight back was the morning of the day JFK, jr crashed.  We filed IFR and the ground was difficult to pick up from 8,000 feet.  Highlight of the flight home was the VFR corridor run down the Hudson river at 500 feet - well below the buildings!  Two stops on the way back.

Capelite.JPG (22935 bytes)

Cape Cod Light

Capewhal.JPG (47093 bytes)

Humpback whales - there were dozens

Capemon.JPG (28248 bytes)

P-town monument

Capewash.JPG (14119 bytes)

Washington monument with art-deco scaffolding!

 Nyc-1.jpg (10119 bytes)

NYC in the corridor the day JFK, Jr. crashed - pretty hazy

Nyc-2.JPG (16541 bytes)

Statue of Liberty from VFR corridor

Capedave.JPG (24062 bytes)

Dave (Popeye) Wilson


Santa Fe '99:  This was the annual Viking owners' group mountain fly-in hosted by Carter and Clara Dubois.  Fun was had by all but Sharon, Tom and I who had to deal with a broken alternator on our airplane the day of the flight up to Gunnison (more here).  Thanks to Tom and Carter's help though, we made it back without delay.

Santafe4.JPG (37191 bytes)

The whole group

Santa_f.JPG (22961 bytes)

The group in Gunnison

Santafe5.JPG (21086 bytes)

Santa Fe on arrival

Santafe3.JPG (9498 bytes)




Other trips with the IVOG and BvDT